Out and About

One of the draw backs to having cerebral palsy is not being able to drive. Fortunately, if I know where I want to go, there are two different transportation services I can call to give me rides: Ride Connection and Tri-Met Lift. Ride Connection requires two days notice in order to provide a ride. Tri-Met Lift requires one days notice. Ride Connection is a free, cab-like service that takes you directly to your destination. Tri-Met Lift is a bus that picks up multiple people with disabilities and drops them off at their destination whenever it is most convenient to their route. Ride Connection gets you to where you need to be at an exact time. Tri-Met Lift gives you an hour, or more, range of time that you will be picked up and dropped off. I prefer Ride Connection.


When my Mom used to drive her car from Montana to visit, we enjoyed being able to go wherever we wanted spontaneously. But now that she takes the train, it requires a little more planning to take her places that she enjoys.


One year when she was visiting, we were scattered and couldn’t decide what we wanted to do; all we knew is that we didn’t want to stay home. So, I booked a reservation with Ride Connection to take us to the mall on Saturday so we could shop and have lunch. However, Friday we decided to go to a quilt show instead. So, I called the Tri-Met lift, to take us there.


The next morning while I was in the shower, Mom knocked on the bathroom door and said, “Our cab is here.” I thought, “Wow! It’s too early for them to be here.”


A minute later, I realized I’d forgotten to cancel my first ride! I was glad I was in the shower, because I felt as though I had egg on my face. Although the day started out a bit bumpy, when we got home that day we had a good laugh over it!


Last year when she visited, we had another successful adventure. One morning, as we ate breakfast, I remembered how she used to enjoy driving her car to one of her favorite stores called The Rack. Although it’s relatively close to my apartment it is just beyond walking distance. As I ate, I wondered how we could get over there. I had an idea, but I thought she’d never go for it. A few minutes later, I told her, said, “You know, I have two scooters. If you really want to go to The Rack we can take them.” To my amazement she said, “Okay!”


Getting around town without a car is tricky but I’m glad it doesn’t stop me. I just wonder what adventure we’ll go on next week when she’s here!


2 thoughts on “Out and About

  1. I have cerebral palsy and a car with hand controls and I drive EVERYWHERE. However you get to where you are going it’s all a grand adventure.

  2. Lyla, you are quite the adventurer. Not much stops you.

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