More Than Legs

 Last week,a friend wrote and told me everything she’d accomplished that day and then asked me what I had done.  Without giving her any details, I simply wrote backand said I sent in an     application-wishing I could have been more productive that day,   At that point, I heard the Lord say, “You are minimizing your own efforts again.”  Indeed I was!

Sending  the application felt like climbing a steep mountain and never reaching the top.   I had several problems throughout the day that tested my endurance and commitment to finish the task.  Since my handwriting is illegible, and typing is slow because ofmy cerebral palsy, I was thankful when my daughter agreed to helpme fill it out onthe computer.  When we discovered thatwasn’t possible, she filled it out by hand,scanned it and sent it on its way.

 The next day I got an email…

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