God’s Grace and Blessings, The Sequel

God’s Grace and Blessings, The Sequel

        This is indeed one of the happiest times in our family’s history. In just a few short weeks, my only daughter, Rachael, is getting married.

         Preparing for her big day has been like savoring through the last chapters of one of my favorite books. Many rough spots have been smoothed out through the passing of time, and I have been made aware of God’s ability to work miracles on our behalf. 

         Since I have cerebral palsy, many people, including myself, have wondered how I would be able to raise a child. When my physical limitations made me feel as if I had reached the end of my rope, I had to make a choice between giving in to the temptation of defeat, or leaning on God for help and guidance to complete the tasks at hand.

        One of the most significant keys to this was the gift of friendship. God has brought people into our lives at various times to give me the help and encouragement to not only to survive the tough times, but to prosper in the end. Some of those friends were in our lives for only a short season. But thankfully, other friends have been with us throughout the years, supporting and comforting us through the tough times. God has surely revealed his grace and blessings upon my family and I.

         As I close this book, I am looking forward to seeing how God will reveal his grace and blessings in the sequel, The Love Story of Vincent and Rachael Gies.


He Gives Me Roses

       The week of Valentine’s Day can bring up all kinds of emotions for single people.

        Each month for the past year, my friend Jan has decorated my cane.  I love the way she decorated it this month with hearts and roses. 

        When others are being showered with the traditional candy, flowers, create the perfect Hallmark moment, it’s easy to feel a little blue.  In fact sometimes we totally can miss the special ways God shows us His love.  So I want to share a few of the ways He’s shown me His love this week.        

         A dear friend invited me and four other women to go to the beach for a couple of days.

        Yesterday my friends, who ha s given me rides to church for several years, also helped me get my T.V. working. 

        Each time I look at my cane, and remember blessings. I feel like been give a rose from the one who has loved my with a steadfast love.