Unexpected Blessings

At times all the circumstances I’ve faced have seemed as immovable as the mountains on the calendar.  Sometimes it’s difficult remember the words of David, “Call out to God, My help comes from Him. “

 It’s these times of struggle that have produced the fruit (or flowers) in my life.

 Inconvenient opportunities for growth happen regularly. One of them happened last week.   I needed to go to Salem so I could testify at the capital.  So I made arrangements with a friend to take me to Salem but she got sick the night before.  I spent that night and all the next morning trying to find a ride. 

 I actually made it to Salem about two minutes before my appointment!

 Not being able to drive or to get where I need to go is one of my pet peeves about having cerebral palsy.  Yet God uses these circumstances to help me see how faithful He is.  Even when my plans don’t work He always uses it for my good. 

           Several years ago, a friend of mine co-facilitated a grief retreat. In the middle of leading the group I started to see myself from a different prospective.  I knew God wanted me be open about my losses so He could bring me into deeper healing and freedom. 

            After my friend moved away several years ago she has wanted me to visit for ages. But because of mobility issues it seemed too complicated if not unlikely.

           When she visited here last month, she asked, “Will you come and help me teach a class next month?”  I was getting ready for my daughter’s wedding so I told her I couldn’t even think about it until after that was over. “Well” she said, “Tickets are cheaper right now and several of our friends are coming over to the island, why don’t you come with them?”

            My friend and care provider chimed in, “Let’s go!”

            The next thing I knew, I had my ticket!

 Ps.18:19   “He brought me forth also into a broad place.   He rescued me, because He delighted in me. “



3 thoughts on “Unexpected Blessings

  1. I love your stories. It is often when I am most in need of faith that things will turn out okay, that I struggle with it the most. And in those times God always has something to teach me and delivers me peace in my times of stress.

  2. Brenda Throckmorton

    Thank you for sharing for loving and going where God tells you I love and bless you.

  3. I love this! God is so faithful to bring us to unexpected places of service. And He doesn’t waste anything. Your gifts are irreplaceable, my dear friend. I am so glad you are coming to St Croix. God had a huge adventure in healing in store for us because of your faithfulness and willing heart!!!

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