Embracing The Fullness Of Life

037_1 (2)     You know, it is strange how so many good things and so many bad things seem to happen together. Just last month, my family was celebrating the wedding of my daughter, Rachael. One month later, I joined with the rest of our nation and grieved over the brokenness of so many, as displayed in the Boston Marathon bombing.  A few days later tragedy has struck in Texas. 

       As I get ready to help co-facilitate a grief seminar, in Saint Croix, I’ve thought about my first set of losses. My parents didn’t know until two years after I was born that I had cerebral palsy.  Since they immediately began to make sure I received the best treatment possible, I have a very full life.  Just as my struggle to learn to walk as a small child, gave me freedom and independence, I have discovered when I let myself grieve over both the major losses and those that seem insignificant the more I can embrace the wonderful life I’ve been given.


3 thoughts on “Embracing The Fullness Of Life

  1. I love the concept of grieving as a freeing thing. So many people see it as a negative experience to be avoided. I’m so glad you are coming to St Croix!!! And that photo of you is gorgeous!!!!!!

  2. JoAnn Daniels

    I love your writing! How did the grief seminar go? You are home and well? Love You!

  3. JoAnn Daniels

    You do look gorgeous!

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