A Step Closer


Some of you might be sick of me telling you that I am writing a book, and maybe you don’t even believe me! But I’m making steady progress, and in January I decided to make it the focus of a lot of my energy.  My friend Marion, who is an author from Oregon Christian Writers, has offered to help me put my book together, and we are both pretty excited about the headway we have made.

To my surprise, some of this process has been a little bit difficult. I have been pondering how deal with the darker parts of my life as I write my story.   Maybe part of your story isn’t so happy and you might not want to talk about it, but those hard struggles are what teach us valuable lessons and help us to grow in the future. As children, we might have grown up learning not to talk about certain things or feel negative emotions, and so we just avoid them. We make people think that we are just happy and in control all of the time. A lot of this is because we are afraid that if people only knew what we were really thinking and feeling, they wouldn’t like us.

This reminds me of a class my friend and I taught at Good Samaritan Ministries called ‘Letting Go of Fear.’ In one session, we covered some of the coping mechanisms that many are often taught to us as children. They were ‘don’t talk, don’t trust, don’t feel’ mechanisms, in other words, just keep a smile on your face. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work because it can lead to addictions that will help to numb the painful experiences.

These patterns are very hard to break, but it is essential to living a healthy life. Actually, the hard things in life can bring strength;  if you are open to talking about them and receiving healing from the Lord and through the encouragement of others. Not just in my writing, but in my life I have had to figure out ways to communicate the difficult things in order to bring restoration.  When I have shared these things, I have received healing and have been able to encourage others to look at some of the messy parts of their lives as well. Sharing with others helps both them and I take one step closer to freedom.

What are some positive experiences that you have had when you have shared the difficult parts of your lives with others? How do you feel when you share with others?



10 thoughts on “A Step Closer

  1. I love hearing about your journey, the struggles as well as the high spots. Thank you for being willing to be honest and transparent. I, too, believe that is where the healing is. We don’t need help, support, and acceptance for the good stuff. It’s the more difficult stuff that we hide from others because of shame and those are the very things that need to be brought out of the cellar so they can heal.

  2. Lila, I’m anxious to read your story. I’ve only known the “outer” Lila, and I always love finding out who the “inner” person, the most real person, is. I always find that I like that inner person a lot. Kudos to you for writing this.

  3. Sharing my story with others has led to their Freedom in Christ as they realize they, too, can find the same hope and healing in Christ. Everyone has darkness into which Christ’s light needs to shine. His light dispels the darkness. Darkness flees! Praise God that Jesus came to undo the works of Satan. What a beautiful work and privilege to join with Him. We overcome evil with good. ARISE, SHINE for your LIGHT has come, THE GLORY OF THE LORD has RISEN UPON YOU!

    Thank you, Jesus for the help you send to us on our journey! I’m so glad He sent Marion to help you on yours! Keep the OCW prayer team posted on how to pray for you. Ask Marion to share your specific needs with us, as they arise. We’d love to come alongside you, too.


    Lindy Swanson

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    We are all on journeys to overcome fear. We must choose faith to walk in triumph!

  5. Hang in there! It was great to see you when Brandylin Collins was in town. She really motivated me. My book, Breaking Light, is almost done and I hope to have it out this summer. It’s in final editing now. Such a healing experience in writing, & so much fun.

  6. I recently gave my a large portion of my testimony publicly for the first time. It was time and I felt that it could help the women at the homeless shelter that I shared it with. God had spoken to me while I was fasting this spring and told me the things from my past that I wasn’t sharing with anyone, the hard stuff; the bad and ugly stuff, were like gold in his kingdom. He said those things could be used to purchase entry into others lives.

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