Tis the season…

Rachael's shower

Tis the season of graduations, weddings, and new life to begin! Each one of these events holds excitement and expectation. In my life, I am getting ready to experience a new season; being a grand-mom. My daughter is having her first little baby at the end of July and it is thrilling! I remember my friend Dottie helping me to prepare for my daughter, Rachael’s birth 27 years ago, so when Dottie threw a baby shower for her this past weekend, it brought a lot of joy to be able to celebrate together again! Dottie has been one of those friends I could always count on.

For several years, raising my girl was all-consuming, and at her high school graduation it made me a little bit sad to to wonder, “Now what am I going to do?” When she went to college, it was time for another part of my life to begin, and I’ve found that it has been just as satisfying; especially now when I get to experience the joys of being a grandma! I’ve found a richness in both old and new relationships and I’m looking forward to many trips; including an upcoming trip to the beach with a few friends.

Sometimes life doesn’t work out the way you anticipate; but guess what; it can be so much greater than you expect! The way we can truly enter into the fullness of new experiences and relationships is to let go of disappointments. For instance, when I was right out of college and looking for a job, and things didn’t work out the way that I had thought they should, that was disappointing. I’ve had many other major disappointments as well that could have cast a dark shadow on my life, but I discovered that accepting the things I could not change has led me into the freedom that I know today. Those difficult times were not stumbling blocks, but actually building blocks.

Raising Rachael was both stressful and delightful (as it is for most parents), and some days I couldn’t see past each moment. But believe me, I wouldn’t trade any of that, because each one of those days brought me to closer to where I am now; about to experience the birth of my precious granddaughter.


2 thoughts on “Tis the season…

  1. You have a tremendous legacy of both strength & fragility, to pass onto your granddaughter! The fruits of the Spirit are evident in you and are bursting forth in your descendants!

  2. And they are evident in your life too! You share them wherever you go!

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