Get on that bus!


For year I’d yearned to go to Joni and Friends Camp.  I’d see it advertised on the website and feel a tug on my heart.  The problem was, five years ago, the closest one was in Northern California.  Then I discovered that there was one to be held in Rockaway, Oregon at Twin Rocks Friends Camp and this new location was only an hour and a half from my house! 

It might as well have been 5,000 miles, because I couldn’t drive and I had a great, big scooter, which is difficult to transport.  But this time, I was determined not to let that stop me!  Two friends of mine, one of which was also in a scooter, and I decided to take the bus from Downtown to Tillamook, then transferred to another bus that would take us right to camp.  When we arrived I was overcome by the joy and excitement that greeted us!

Joni and Friends Family Camp is held across the U.S. and in several other nations.  Often neglected and ignored, people with disabilities are impacted by the thousands from this camp experience.  At Joni and Friends Camp each person is celebrated!  New friendships are formed, there are fun and games for everyone, as well as the opportunity to hear a message of hope that Christ offers.

A few years ago, one of my newer friends came to camp for the first time.  She heard of God’s love and the next year, when she returned, she accepted Him as her Lord and Savior.  She is now a powerful witness for Him, as well as a significant part of the Portland Chapter of Joni and Friends.

Getting to camp that first year was a challenge, but I’m sure glad I took it!  A whole new world opened up for me when I decided to get on that bus.  Don’t let life’s challenges stop you, but instead let them lead you to new opportunities. 


4 thoughts on “Get on that bus!

  1. I remember that bus from Tillamook! It was painted white with black spots, like a milk cow.

  2. Brenda Throckmorton

    Thanks Lyla may the joy of your heart and the dedication of your spirit continue to bring people into the kingdom.  I am sorry I haven’t been there very much lately your blog keeps me feeling like even though time passes relationships don’t. 

    Thank you and God’s love fill you today.

  3. Beautiful! I’m so happy you were able to go. You are such an inspiration!

  4. Another great blog in so many ways! Thanks for sharing.

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