Doors of Opportunity


This weekend at the rockin’ Rock Creek women’s retreat, the theme was ‘keys and gates.’ Saturday afternoon, we were asked to look at pictures of gates and doors and pick one that inspired us. I did, but quickly forgot about it. Abundant morning when everyone was sharing about their experience, I could not remember which one I had chosen. Finally I remembered, but by that time, my eyes had been drawn to a different picture.

It was a picture of a double doors with stained glass on them; one part of the door was shut, but the other part was opened just a little ways. Through the crack in the door, I saw an inviting light. It just drew me in!

As I thought about that picture, I remembered how frustrating it’s been to have so many doors closed to me  my life. I could have let the disappointment of not getting a job right out of college stop me cold, but l I saw that the light of the Lord was inviting me into a deeper fellowship then I could have imagined. What a great honor it is to be in communion with Him. The more I’m drawn to Him, the less I bang my head against the doors that are shut. It is easier to relax and trust that God has greater plans than I do. Step by step, God has shown me that my plan to support myself by working in the field of disability is just a fraction of His plans.

The glass on the door represented the times when my perception has been distorted by my own desires. Even if they were great desires, they stopped me from seeing other options. Remarkable opportunities that were more than I could have dreamed. My plans seem boring in comparison to the joy He’s given me. Now it is my greatest desire to allow His light to shine through me and draw others into fellowship with Him.


2 thoughts on “Doors of Opportunity

  1. Lyla- What a neat story you share here and one we all need to remember. God has different plans and as trust Him, they become shown to us. Though, it is not always easy. So grateful for our connection. What a blessing to see your writing!!- Cornelia

  2. Waiting and wondering can be frustrating! But oh, the joy we have when He sheds His light on the path He has for us! Thanks for your comment!

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