Happy Mother’s Day!

There are many moms that have had their dreams interrupted by having children who need special care. I am one of them. Born in the 50’s, moms and dads didn’t have the support systems that are available today both online and in-person. Julie Keon was totally surprised after the birth of her baby girl to find out that her daughter was severely disabled and that she required almost 24 hour care. Despite the difficulty, the mother-daughter relationship taught Julie lessons that she needed to learn. Though the road is difficult, she has been able to encourage other parents and has written a book called “What I Would Tell You”.

When I was growing up, I had fun playing with dolls, but I think I remember asking my mom how I would diaper a baby. I think she said “we’ll figure it out” but I don’t think she thought I ever would.

Many people think people with disabilities cannot have children, so I surprised a lot of them, including myself! At this stage in my life I look back and think, “how did this happen?” How did my daughter actually get to be 28? How did my mom survive motherhood and how did I?

There were a lot of things that I couldn’t do as a mom, but my mom was one of my cheerleaders. She put Velcro on Rachael’s baby clothes and helped me ride the waves of new motherhood. Friends from Good Samaritan Ministries and my friend Colleen were instrumental in helping us survive. Colleen drove us places, planned birthday parties, everything I wanted to do as a mother but couldn’t. Rather than having my disability limit me, my world was expanded because I formed a network of people that were willing to join me on this journey.

One of the most amazing events happened 10 months ago, when I became a Grandma. My granddaughter is truly a reward for persevering the challenges of motherhood.

So on this Mother’s Day I want to thank my Mother for all she’s done for me and encourage other Mothers of children with special needs because I know that the road can be hard but there are rewards ahead. I would encourage any families that are going through this process to find good support systems through family, friends or community organizations such as Joni and Friends.

Happy Mother’s Day to my Mother and Daughter!


5 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. Elaine Hadford

    Lyla, don’t ever feel that you were a burden. Far from it, you put joy in my life. Sometimes it was hard to watch you struggle to do things, when I could have done it so easily for you. That is for sure, but it made you more determined, and I am so proud of you. Happy Mother’s Day to you and Rachael too.

  2. I love you and your heart for others I am so blessed each time I read a new blog from you.<3

  3. What a beautiful Mother’s Day message, Lyla! Blessings, Marion

  4. Happy Mothers Day to all 3 Mom in the picture! What a glorious picture of Gods love and healing. Lyla you may be classed by society as disabled but your life has always inspired great healing and love to those who have had the honor to know you. Your Mom did an excellent job raising you to be that inspiration and you in turn gave birth to a most inspiring woman who now has another girl oh my God loves you all so much! God be Praised we will have eternity to grow together!

  5. Lila, I think you were blessed to have such a wonderful mother and she in turn blessed to have such a determined ,bright and beautiful to the bone daughter.
    And your daughter and grand daughter is just icing on the cake!

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