The long and winding road

Bright and early last Friday, my friends dropped me off at the airport so that I could surprise my daughter on her Birthday. As a mother with a disability, life has been full of twists and turns, and ups and downs. This trip was full of surprises in and of itself. I was on my way to Atlanta, and my connecting flight was in Phoenix. When I got off the plane I misunderstood the directions, there was an agent willing to walk me to my next gate. But independent Lyla asked them what the gate number was and said “Oh I can get there”. It seemed like a piece of cake but it turned into somewhat of a nightmare. Because after I waited several hours, I knew something was wrong. When I asked an attendant what was going on, she said “You were supposed to be at gate 28, not gate 8, you missed your flight and the next one leaves at midnight”. I thought Oh that’s gonna cost me a lot of money, but they waived it for me.I went directly to negative self-talk after realizing what happened but after I calmed down I began to see some positive aspects of my ordeal.

Then she took me to the clubhouse, a place I didn’t even know existed, it’s a place where the frequent flyers go to rest and relax between flights. The people were extremely helpful and friendly. This was a blessed surprise since many times as a person with Cerebral Palsy it’s often difficult for people to understand me and they assume I can’t understand them either. But they didn’t talk down to me. At the end of my long wait they escorted me to the plane and told me I was upgraded to first class.

It reminded me that we might think we know how to get where we’re going, and then we get ourselves in a big mess, but God is rich in mercy. Even if we wind up in a big mess he uses it to show us his faithfulness.


7 thoughts on “The long and winding road

  1. Great blog! Thank you for such a wonderful birthday surprise! 🙂

  2. Beautifully written!!

    Love, Yvette

  3. Great Story..a misadventure turning into an adventure!

  4. Great posting, Miss Independent. We all have to lean on someone else from time to time. Blesssings, Marion

  5. I really enjoyed reading your entry LylA!

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