Riding the waves of change

This is a season of change and there’s alot of excitement in the air. Graduations, weddings, babies!

Sometimes changes can make you feel like you’re in a boat being tossed around by the waves.

The ocean waves are more fun to watch when you’re sitting on the shore than in the boat. These past few months it seems like my life has been filled with change. When my daughter went to college several years ago, people asked what I would do. Since they were concerned that I couldn’t take care of myself. After several years of living alone, and having the assistance of caregivers, God brought me a roommate. For several months things were pretty stable and then all of a sudden the tide changed. There’s been one change after another. Not only did the caregivers that I had during the day change, but my roommate moved out. There was too much stuff to process all at once! I knew she was moving for a month or two but I couldn’t figure out what to do, so I just didn’t do anything. It’s taken a couple weeks but I’ve finally turned a corner and walking toward whatever comes next.

Part of the reason this has been hard is realizing that I need more help might seem like it puts limitations on what I can do, because of scheduling between myself and caregivers. It’s hard because this is the first time I’ve had to find caregivers that I don’t already have a relationship with and it makes me nervous. But that’s all part of the process and I guess that’s ok.

It will help me get the help I need and allow me to have support and freedom.

It’s much easier to sit in the sand and put your feet in the water!




3 thoughts on “Riding the waves of change

  1. I went to your comment page but it wouldn’t come up. Do you feel as though you need a roommate for practical reasons? I think that’s the key. You can get along without the company for a while if you need to. Also, you need God’s direction in a roommate so you’ll be compatible. Blessings, Marion

  2. How did the interviews go? love you!

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