Summer Adventure!

Next week begins one of the busiest times in the summer! I’ve been preparing all along but I’m not thinking now, “oh no I’m not ready!” So my brain is all a flurry. Summertime is often a great time for new experiences and special opportunities to go on trips for extra fun. I’ve been getting ready for a couple events I go to each year. For the past couple weeks I’ve been focusing my attention on getting ready for the Oregon Christian Writers Conference and the Joni and Friends Camp. By getting volunteers for the pamper day at Joni and Friends camp as well as submitting two short stories to editors at the OCW Conference.

The scorching heat last week reminded me about a Oregon Christian Writer’s retreat I went to a few years ago. It was so hot and there was no air conditioning. One afternoon I hit the wall and I was so pooped. Some of the women were going to go swimming in the river, but I knew I couldn’t do that. So I rode my scooter down to the water and I decided to sit there and watch them. Pretty soon some of them took me by the arms and sat me in a lawn chair, so I could put my feet in the water. So I’m not really sure what will happen at the conference this week, but I’m looking forward to learning some new tools and seeing old friends.

Right after the writing conference I get to go to another event, the Joni and Friends Family Retreat. I’ve been thinking about the first time I went. I didn’t know anyone who was driving, so a couple of my other friends who have CP and I boarded a bus down to Tillamook, OR. We then got on a commuter bus that rode up and down the coastal highway. It was no small feat, to load two scooters onto two small buses, but we did it! When we got there I was so overwhelmed by the volunteers who greeted us. So much so, that I forgot to get my suitcase off the bus and somebody had to track down the bus later and retrieve my suitcase.

This year, the Portland chapter of Joni and Friends have been preparing to host two events at camp filling me with a sense of nervous anticipation,  a little bit like getting on the Greyhound Bus.  We’ve planned it as well as we can, but if something goes wrong, if something wrong, I get to see how faithful God is.

Helen Keller says “Life is an adventure or it’s nothing at all.”  What are you learning on your summer adventure?



2 thoughts on “Summer Adventure!

  1. Please know how much I enjoy your posts. Yes, life is an adventure! Thank you for sharing yours!

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