Journey to Surrender

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Surrender your entire self to Him and have absolute confidence in His wisdom, power   and goodness” – 2 Timothy 3:15

Journey to Surrender

As Good Friday draws near I would like to invite you to think about the word surrender.

We are being transformed into the image of God.  Surrendering to God goes against our human nature. So it doesn’t matter how many years you walk with the Lord or how many challenges you face, it is still ­­a struggle.  It is only by God’s grace that we let can let go of the things we so tightly grasp.

Before the fall Adam and Eve had perfect communication with the Father.  As believers in Christ, we often struggle to grasp the freedom that our Father provides for us through His Son Jesus.  Many times this is caused by our own sin or the result of living in a fallen world.  Although we believers have access to the Father through Christ, our ability to grasp everything He offers us is limited.

I was two when I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.   As a result, I struggle each day to do the activities most people take for granted.

As a young person, I thought I knew what God wanted me to do in my life.   As a graduate from college and later a bride, I struggled to understand why the things I thought would make me feel “normal” failed to do that.  I’ve learned God has prevented some of the good things I’ve wanted, because He wanted to produce something greater in my life.  When discouragement rears its ugly head it has the potential to crush our vision.   Each struggle eventually led to surrender.  Comparing ourselves to others can be disastrous because it separates us from God.   It takes our eyes off God and clogs our ears with voices that leads us away from Him.

Our struggle to surrender often brings shame but it is an opportunity for God to reveal parts of our heart He wants to heal.  When we get discouraged we need to remember, the night before Jesus was betrayed He struggled in the Garden until He could surrender to the Father.agony-in-the-garden(pp_w1200_h900)






5 thoughts on “Journey to Surrender

  1. Beautiful thoughts on surrender.

    • Thanks

      Many Blessings,


      “I am a pencil in God’s hand. God writes through us, and however imperfect instruments we may be, God writes beautifully.” ~Mother Teresa

  2. Thank you for this post, Lyla.

    You look gorgeous in the photo, too.

  3. Janne Rosecrans

    Lyla your words are so very, very true, and God is indeed producing much goodness in your life.

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