Surprises from Heaven

godcalls“When are you going to get busy and do what God has called you to do?” the speaker asked my friend.  God had called him into the ministry, but he had done some things that made him feel disqualified and stopped him from pursuing it.

Many of us have been impressed that God wants us to do a particular task.  When we hear the call, it is easy to fix our eyes on our inadequacies rather than God. Regardless of the problems we deal with we are all uniquely created to serve Him.

Sometimes we feel like our physical disabilities hold us back from being useful in society or used by God.   Several years ago, Bettie Mitchell, founder of Good Samaritan Ministries was with a group of pastors in Africa. When she found a neglected, crippled woman lying on the ground in a dark tent, Bettie taught the men how to take care of her.  Bettie also taught them that God has a purpose for everyone. She taught Lucy how to pray a blessing over the people.  Then she explained to the pastors with her that every pastor in the area was to have Lucy lay her hands on them and pray for them.

At times, I not only feel short in stature, but in a multitude of ways.  When my daughter was little, I used to have her climb on the cupboards to help me get things I needed. Many of my accomplishments first began as unattainable dreams that led me into times of frustration and doubts. In the end, my spirit celebrates, when I see the way His strength is made perfect through my weakness.

For the last few years I’ve been Director of the Portland Area chapter of Joni and Friends.  The ministry has developed at a much slower process than I anticipated. Recently, I was telling the Lord if I had more help and could drive, I could meet more people. He stopped me.  “I knew all your strengths and weaknesses before I put you in this position.”

Last week for example, God reminded me that He has many ways to let people know about His work.  I received an e-mail letting me know Joni will be one of the key note speakers at Mission ConneXion in Portland this January. It felt like God was saying, “See? I’ve got this!”

Please share the ways God has surprised you lately.