How’s Your Focus

A few years ago, my close friend JoAnne, had a concussion as a result of an accident with a horse.  At the same time, my daughter was collecting references for college, so she asked me to find out if JoAnne would write one.

One day, while JoAnne was still recovering, I asked her how her focus was.  I was puzzled when she told me her double vision was improving every day.  We both started to laugh when I said, “I was wondering if you felt good enough to write the letter Rachael needs.”

Even though I have cerebral palsy I’ve been able to live on my own with the help of caregivers.  Last week my caregiver who helps me get ready for the day, wasn’t scheduled to work. Getting myself presentable to go out that night was very time consuming.  Fortunately, a friend came over and helped me finish getting ready.  I felt agitated because I couldn’t do more.  But she kept saying she was amazed because of how well I had done.

2017 is here and has plenty of possibilities.  With it will come plenty of challenges and choices.  They’ll either make me feel sorry for myself or lead me to my Heavenly Father so He can help me refocus on the things that are truly important.



4 thoughts on “How’s Your Focus

  1. Thank you Lyla, that was a good one. I have learned how important it is to focus on what I can do instead of what I cannot do since that accident that gave me brain damage and made me type backwards and retraining all of those muscles and nerves again. I am very thankful for this reminder today. You are amazing with what you can do for yourself.

  2. Jody Baccellieri

    A very good perspective, dear friend!! Thanks for the reminder! xoxox

  3. Thanks Lyla. I have to remind myself to focus on what I can do instead of what I can’t do. Fortunately I’m married to a positive man with a sense of humor who helped me learn to see light at the end of the tunnel even while I was still in the hospital, totally dependent on others for everything. It’s been a journey to keep my focus where it needs to be. You help me do that and inspire me that you have accomplished so much in spite of your limitations!

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