Making A Difference


My memoir, It Takes More Than Legs To Stand,  is one of the finalists in the OCW Cascade Awards! Writing the book was a long process and sometimes I wondered if it would ever be published.  But,  with the encouragement of friends and mentors it was released last year.   Its been exciting to see that, It Takes More Than Legs To Stand, is encouraging so many people!

I haven’t posted a blog for several months.  I took time off to prepare a story to submit to the Chicken Soup books and to enjoy my grandchildren.   It’s been fun to ride my scooter alongside my  granddaughter Hannah while she learns to ride her trike.  For a while I had to remind her to keep her feet on the pedals.  She didn’t use enough oomph to get over the speed bumps so her mom pushed her.  The second time out she learned to master speed bumps by taking her feet off the pedals and pushing her bike over the incline.


A few minutes later, I decided to see what Hannah would do if I stopped my scooter when I got to a speed bump.  She hopped off her bike, ran over to the back of the scooter and gave it a shove. When it started to move, she got a cute little grin on her face. She might have been thinking. “I moved Grandma’s big scooter!”

Children like Hannah and the little boy in John 6:9 who gave his lunch to Jesus, were confident their contribution   would make a difference.  Hannah will soon learn that her efforts to  help won’t   always be successful, but I hope she never quits trying

About the time I thought this blog was ready to publish, I was reminded that trying to make A difference can have terrible consequences.  The tragedy that occurred in Portland, when two brave men were murdered because they came to the defense of two Muslim women is a very sad reminder that our efforts to do something good can come at an extremely high price.


As I tried to show Hannah, she could make a difference. Although I have cerebral palsy I haven’t let it prevent me from contributing to people around me.Even when I  hesitated to follow God’s lead, I discovered He took two steps toward me when I took one toward Him.

Is fear, intimidation or something else preventing you  from serving God?  Let Him help you.