Why Celebrations Strengthens Us

FB_IMG_1503282301563 (1)We seem to be surrounded by overwhelming tragedy.  There’s flooding in Texas, hurricanes looming, and wild fires causing havoc all across the US.  The news I have about the wonderful things that have happened last month seem to be of little importance.  But during difficult times we can gain courage by remembering previous times when God helped us.

My third grandchild Alexandra Joy was born last month.  Holding her for the first time filled my heart with overwhelming joy.  A family friend gave her three year old sister a pink cape that had “Super Big Sis” embroidered on it.  Immediately after Hannah put it on her whole demeanor changed.  She began to strut and dance all around my living room and we all broke out laughing.  A few days later, when I saw Hannah’s cape laying with her other toys I thought about how much I’m like my granddaughter.  As a follower of Christ, His power and love is accessible anytime.  The problem is, I often forget to go to Him in prayer and ask for help.  When I do pray, God lifts me above the clouds of circumstances and He tells me what is on His heart.

Many of you know, my memoir came out last year.  It’s a short a book that took forever to write.  Marion Duckworth and other people encouraged me when I was tempted to give up.

A few weeks ago, my daughter held onto my arm and walked me across the stage as I received a certificate for being a finalist in the Oregon Christian Writers Cascade Awards.

The wonderful evening reminds me of what is written in Philippians 4:13. Paul wrote, “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.”

God helped me finish the assignment He gave me in writing my book.  Now I’m experiencing the joy of celebrating with my friends and family.

Memories of when God helped us through difficult times strengthens our faith.  Please share a time God helped you do more than you thought you could.

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